Kim & Otaso – Cowdray House Wedding

Looking back to August 10th 2017 – this was a wedding of professional ‘firsts’.  My first time working with a wedding planner – cue the lovely Jemma & Claudia who run Beattie Bailey, and our first time flowering a wedding at the phenomenal Cowdray House. It was also my first big wedding that required extensive floral’s (buckets and buckets and buckets) and a big team to help me pull it all off. Some milestones achieved in the first few years of running this business. Of course getting bookings for big weddings for me personally is not what I define as being successful, but they were on my lists of goals back then among other things that I had wanted to achieve on my business journey!

I loved everything about this wedding – from our lovely clients Kim & Otaso’s style and taste, the outdoor ceremony area we flowered , THAT archway, the adrenaline rush of setting it all up, lighting the candles in Buck Hall (and trying to keep them from melting in the heat!) and the knackering job of clearing it all down. On the day the weather was very hot and bright, but the flowers really stood up superbly – we used hundreds of locally grown roses, dahlias, Japanese anemones, whitebeam, honesty, dianthus and foliage.

I must thank Kim & Otaso for their trust, Jemma & Claudia for advocating & having faith in me, to Phern and the team at Jacaranda Catering , to Emma Pilkington Photography for capturing it all, and to my team of flowerer’s – you were all epic X








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